Where's My Flying Car

by Bill & Brenda Sutton

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Written specifically by Bill and Brenda for Detccon1, the 2014 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), held in Detroit from July 17-20, 2014. Being an SF gathering in Detroit, the question "where's my flying car?" became an unofficial theme - thus the song.


Oh, the future is grand. The future is great.
The politicians get along so well they almost never debate.
The economy’s strong and continues to grow, so there’s just one thing remaining that I’ve got to know…

CHORUS: Where’s my flying car? Where’s my flying car?
World peace is great, and so’s the cancer vaccine
But where’s my fundamental futuristic flying machine?
Where’s my flying car?

Oh, the future is fun. The future is swell.
There’s a Starbucks hotel on every corner that sells water as well.
We’ve got flights to the Moon and vacations on Mars
But there’s something more important than a trip to the stars –

CHORUS: Where’s my flying car? Where’s my flying car?
Got my replicated 5-star gourmet meal
But where’s my automatic aerobatic automobile?
Where’s my flying car?

The future’s a thought. The future’s a door.
We’ve got warp drive convention elevators to the party floor.
We’ve got perfect clones, an artificial womb,
An antiseptic android who can clean our rooms -- but

CHORUS: Where’s my flying car? Where’s my flying car?
I’ve checked with Top Gear and in Detroit and Japan-
Where’s my super stylish swiftly soaring seagull sedan?
Where’s my flying car?
Then again, with my luck, knowing just where I am
I’ll be gridlocked in a vertical vehicular jam.
Where’s my flying car? Where’s my flying car?


released July 27, 2014
Music and lyrics by Bill & Brenda Sutton
©2014 Mad Tom Music
Brenda: Vocals, Percussion
Bill: Guitar, Bass
Recorded and mixed at Bedlam House




Bill & Brenda Sutton Indianapolis, Indiana

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